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Organizational Alignment

Assessment Training

Terry Slinde of RockSolid-A Leadership Growth Company is one of select group of business advisors also certified as a Birkman Method Consultant. The Birkman Method assesses human potential, maps human capital and can transform corporate culture.  Since 1951, more than two million people in more than 5,000 organizations have contributed to the depth and strength of the Birkman assessment. Birkman’s proven methodology clarifies strengths, effective behaviors, interests, management styles, thinking styles, underlying needs and stress behaviors. The Birkman 360 gathers information about individual performance as measured by the individual, his/her boss, peers and subordinates and reports on nine competencies driving work and organizational success.

Six Thinking Hats

Terry Slinde is also trained in the Six Thinking Hats® approach to organizational development.  Six Thinking Hats is simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved.   It helps individuals move away from their usual thinking style to one that blends a number of disciplines. And once learned, the tools can be applied immediately!  The process focuses on information, optimism, judgment, feelings, creativity and thinking.

Critical Thinking

Thinking. It’s a common, every day process put into practice every day.  It drives major decisions.  And yet, if not used properly, it can cause incorrect assumptions, cloudy analysis and flawed conclusions.   RockSolid-A Leadership Growth Company can provide a deeper understanding of how to use information, experience, observation, and reasoning to guide your decisions, actions and beliefs.

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