RockSolid-A Leadership Growth Company

Leadership & Senior Executive Development

CEOdyne  Roundtables

Terry is the convener of an ,invitatiion only, executive  reflection organization.  Each month, he convenes informal meetings of final decision makers ( CEOs, Presidents. Owners & General Managers) who meet in small groups to challenge one another to Explore Develop, Implement and achieve their plans,as they  grow themselves, their employees and their businesses.

RockSolid – Leadership  Clarity Groups

RockSolid-A Leadership Growth Company organizes these high-level senior leadership discussions around the Quaker Clarity Model –an interactive process of listening, exploring assumptions and differences, and building a context for thinking together.   Limited to no more than  members from non-competing companies, a   RockSolid – Leadership Clarity Group provides a structured and confidential environment for senior executives to share best practices and resolve their business issues, grow in their leadership and be challenged by peers.  By participating , and through the use of leading-edge learning tools, outside resources, and quarterly one-to-one coaching, members can expect  to achieve their goals, to make better decisions, improve communication skills and build relationships.

Executive Advising, Coaching and Mentoring

Terry can provided one-on -one, customized coaching on an individual basis, using many of the same principals found in group settings.  Terry will work with you to design a plan that includes weekly or monthly meetings geared for actionable results.   If you are seeking answers to how you can achieve maximum growth and professional success, contact Rock Solid today at 515-778-5642.

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