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Makers or Takers (or does your kid want to work at the DMV?)
There are now twice as many Americans working for the government than work in manufacturing; this is the exact opposite of the situation that prevailed in 1960.  Moreover surveys indicate that recent college graduates are indicating a preference for working for the government.   Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal explores the problem of a nation this increasing one of Makers versus Takers” and warns that your child may be contemplating a career at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
8 Success Lessons in 3 Minutes
As graduations and new jobs (hopefully) await the young people in your life, you may be contemplating what words of wisdom to share with them as they venture forth.  One man was asked by a young woman on a airplane “what leads to success?”   Richard St. John spent the next 7 years  exploring this question, talking to successful people and condensing it in to a 3 minute video presentation on the TED site of 8 key factors that lead to success.  Share it with you those whose success is important to you.
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